About Chris:

Chris started to create videos, under his group which he was the Founder/President of 2 years before he discovered YouTube with his own web series that probably would of seen success on YouTube but it wasn't ever posted up. Chris had other series on the go, The Entertainment Man Talk Show (2008 - 2015; 4 full Seasons, 2 lost seasons that were filmed), Chris Travels To Historic Places (2008), Friends of The Entertainment Man (2009) & The CMJB Show (2009). Also on his channel, he did daily Vlogs of his life as a YouTuber. Chris broke up his team November 13th, 2014. He continued on with vlogging and his series The Entertainment Man Talk Show till he the series officially finished June 2015 after the Season 6 Finale. He spent the next year vlogging and plotting his next move with the channel and he introduced his Podcast which now can be heard on Audio ONLY, Everything About Reality TV, recapping Reality TV several times a week! In June of 2016, he ended up quitting YouTube, losing season 5 and 6 of his series, so they have been determined "Lost Episodes" He lost an interview and the episodes of his podcast that was recorded as well. He took summer of 2016 off to regroup and September 22nd, 2016, Everything About Reality TV was back and on Audio ONLY! Started on Mixcloud, then moved to Podcasts.com, Stitcher (No Longer Active On There), TuneIn, Player FM, and finally ITunes. On his spare time he spends time with his family, niece and nephew his friends. Chris is also an avid gamer and will play video games on his spare time when he has time.